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NO ONE LIKES TO TALK ABOUT MONEY. However, you have the right to know how you will be charged for your legal services. We will always enter into a written fee agreement with you clearly explaining the basis of our charges upfront so there will be no surprises later on. Whenever possible, we will attempt to give you a reasonable estimate of the anticipated amount and duration of services in advance to help you budget for these expenses. We strive to be flexible in our billing approach and realize many clients have not previously worked with a lawyer before. Here are a few of the most common fee arrangements:


Flat Fee


Contingent Fee ("no recovery, no fee")

Unlimited Access ("Concierge Fee")

Hybrid/Blended Approach

We are glad to discuss these options with you in greater detail to help make your legal experience as satisfactory and cost-efficient as possible. For your convenience, ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS are accepted. Payment plans are available.

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