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IRS Tax Matters

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Nothing can be more unsettling than when the tax man calls. Whether by way of accounting error, misunderstanding, financial hardship, business reversal or sometimes for no apparent reason at all, a tax audit or examination can be an intimidating process. Rarely should a taxpayer attempt to "go it alone". Most people are simply unaware of the power of the IRS and that can prove costly.

A natural inclination for many is to simply ignore the repeated form letters, hoping the problem goes away. In reality, it often gets much worse and can lead to more severe collection and enforcement actions, including, but not limited to, garnished wages, tax liens, asset seizure and sale, and even jail. Following are some of the services routinely provided in this area:

U.S. Tax Court

IRS Examinations, Audits & Appeals

IRS Collection and Enforcement actions, including Liens & Levies

Wage Garnishments

Offer in Compromise

Installment Agreements & Other Settlement Offers 

Employment Taxes (940 & 941)

Discharge of Taxes in Bankruptcy

Personal Taxes

Business Taxes

Payroll and Withholding Taxes

IRS Penalties

Innocent Spouse Defense

Non-Filer Status

Late Filed Returns

Expert Witness/Subject-matter expert 

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